Texting From Home Companies

*Here is a list of companies that you can work for as Text operators. I will write reviews for them as soon as I have some time. However you can look around and see if one of them Interests you.

http://www.tptp.us/index.html pls type HOMEMOMMA on the referral field on the application



*I have been with ChaCha since May 2008. Its a pretty fun job.

What do you do? Someone sends a text message asking a question and obviously someone has to reply. On occassions that someone has been me. Its pretty cool actually, cause I have gotten asked some really funny questions.

How it all works. You log in to the employee gateway on your computer then you wait to get a message. Depending on the  question, it determines how much research you have to do. If you dont know the answer it doesn’t matter as you will use the internet to find the answer to people’s questions. So if you’re internet savvy then you won’t have a problem. Not all questions need to be researched, so if you know the answer you can send it right along.

What will you be asked? You will be asked all sorts of things, here is a sample of some of the questions that I have gotten.

What is the weather like in Utah?

Does my boyfriend love me?

What time is Batman playing and the closest movie theater to zip code 31206?

Not that hard right? It isn’t. There is one thing that sucks and thats the pay. They used to pay 0.20 cents per text message sent. They have now lowered that rate to .10 cents. If you answer the question within a minute thats not too bad, but I had a question take me about 10 minutes one time. But I wanted to get it answered so I did not give up. You get paid via direct deposit through First Internet Bank at any time that you choose or you can get paid once a month to your personal bank account.. There is a $2 fee to get paid via direct deposit through FIB, there is no fee to your own bank account.  So just let the money accumulate to a good amount and then request the payment.

Training is simple as you train on your own and at your pace. You get to pick keywords of subjects that you know so that questions pertaining to those subjects get routed to you. 

Apply at www.ChaCha.com

If you have any questions, please post your comments and I will try to answer them as best I can.